The Next 1860's History Ball: October 28, 2017

For information on purchasing tickets, please scroll down to the blue box below.

Welcome to the 1860's History Ball Dance Information blog where you can find out about upcoming Balls and other events. I have learned some new dances while Civil War Reenacting that I am eager to share with you at the upcoming Balls.

Did you know that... to protect the integrity of these History Balls, they are never advertised to the general public, and the only people you see at a Ball have been invited by someone who already attends? The only way that our Civil War Balls continue and grow is if our regular attendees invite new people!

I've been calling dances for other events besides our Grand Balls, and I thought you might enjoy some photos and youtube videos of the events, so I've added a few on this blog for you to see.

These events are for you, and I am happy to host and call events when and where they are desired. These 1860's History Balls began as a ministry to homeschooling families. We will continue to serve those families and our other families who have attended along with their invited guests. If you have friends who are like-minded and who would be happy to abide by the standards and goals that are set for these events, then you are welcome to invite them to come.

Mrs. Debra Newby

Our Next Ball:
1860's Hisotry Ball in Atascadero
Saturday, October 28, 2017
At Atascadero Bible Church
From 7:30 to 11:00 pm
Tickets go on sale on September 25
Tickets $12 per person ages 5 and up until October 2nd
Tickets $14 per person after October 2nd

When you mail your ticket order, please also send an email to with your name and number of attendees. For example: Smith 5. (All other information will go on your index card.) See blue box below for more information.

Raising the bar in social activities in a world where good wholesome fun is hard to come by, it gives us great pleasure to bring you these 1860's History Balls full of excellent historic value, complete with proper etiquette, dance instruction and memories to take home that will last a lifetime. Fun for all ages, and no experience is necessary! Guaranteed to be one of the more memorable things you will ever do.

To help achieve the goals for quality, excellence, integrity and historical value at these balls, we ask the following of our attendees:1) This is a formal event. Dresses or long skirts for women and slacks and ties for men. Period attire, hoopskirts for ladies and vests and jackets for men, are always welcome.
2) All dancers are required to wear gloves. (A limited number of gloves will be available at the door for a suggested donation of $5 per pair.)
3) This is a family event. Dancers under the age of 18 shall be accompanied by their parents or come as the guest of another responsible adult.
4) Modesty is of the utmost importance. No cleavage, plunging necklines or bare shoulders, please.
5) To maintain the authenticity and historical value of this event, we strongly encourage all dancers to read our blogs on "Modesty, Manners and What to Wear" which can be found at Click 2009/September.
6)Please bring a plate of finger foods to share.
7) By purchasing tickets, you are indicating that you and your guests have read and will abide by the above standards.

About Me

A friend and I started organizing Civil War Balls for the homeschooling community in 2006. I took a break for a while from the organizational end of the balls to focus on improving my dance calling. I've had the opportunity to share my love of Victorian Era dance with many groups, but my first commitment is to my Christian Family for whom the events were started for in the first place. Life is short, and I feel that one of the ways I can touch eternity is by investing myself in your lives. My prayer is that by providing these quality events, we will build up the Christian community, teach our children traditional values and bring honor and glory to our Lord.

The Newby Family

Youtube Videos from October 2011

Civil War Ball Youtube Videos

Family Hoe Down Youtube Videos

I thought that you might enjoy seeing some videos from a Hoe Down where I taught and called dances at a Children's Choir fundraiser. It was a different type of event than our Grand Balls, but a lot of fun. Maybe our group will have a Hoe Down someday!

Line Dance #1

Line Dance#2

La Bastringue

Would You Like To Host an Event?

If you, your church or your business would like to host a dance event of your own, go to Heritage Dance Events has provided music and dance calling for Grand Balls, private parties and living history events as well as for the San Luis Obispo Youth Symphony and Central Coast Children's Choir.

Also, Liberty Hill, Heritage Players and Atalanta Running available for other music events. Please contact us for more information!

Atalanta Running is a band made up of three young ladies who have provided violin and accordion music at every one of our live music Civil War Balls. They have added guitar, bass and more. You can check out their website at


In addition to dance, there is English, math, science, history and more. Debra Newby is a credentialed teacher who has been tutoring for many years. If you are interested in more information, go to

Costume Ideas and Rentals

One of the biggest concerns for someone attending the Ball for the first time is, "What do I Wear?" For some ideas making, buying or repurposing, go to the Heritage Dance Events Blog

Costumes can also be rented:

1. Alesen Corella in Santa Margarita rents dresses and hoops through her website at

2. Aimee Oliver is in Paso Robles and rents dresses and hoops through her website

2. Colleen Canaan rents dresses, hoops and men's attire at Costume Connection in Atascadero. Contact her at 438-4635.

3. Costume Capers in San Luis Obispo (behind Smart and Final) rents dresses, hoops, and uniforms and tuxedos. Call 544-2373.

Expect to pay $30 to $60 for a dress and hoop rental.